Reflections about work

consider this situation:

One is in need of being helped but doesnot

get one to help him;When he gets one to help,

he says that since you delayed,there is no need for you

for you to help me.Iam just busy here and enjoying being here,so dont bother me.

This sometimes is the scenario we too face while training and faciliitating some teachers at schools.

They feel they need help but they cant identify the help they need.

I feel it is of paramount importance if we we help these teachers identify their needs in as far as teaching is concerned and then see how we can help them to effectively use laptops in their lesson planing and delivery.

I emphasise mostly on teacher sensitisation because they are the sole managers of their classes and as a result we can get a way through to help learners

 effectively if their teachers who spend atmost 90% of

of the time with them are taking part in helping their learners use laptops in learning.

I believe and have hope that its possible and we will succeed in as far as integrating the use of Xos in class.

Lets just make sure that our corperates the teachers of these kids are motivated and their involvement in this project will yield positive results.

Corperately together in service for the betterment of our community,



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4 Responses to Reflections about work

  1. Silvia Kist says:

    Good point Lote!
    “They feel they need help but they cant identify the help they need.”
    Let’s talk about it tomorrow!
    But, reflect: Why do you think it happens?

  2. mundere says:

    that is big Lote,you hit the point

  3. heri says:

    keep it up man that is nice job!
    you are in your way…

  4. loterutaree says:

    Oh how fine to recognise the importance of a teacher in promoting early childhood development and fastening the development of a country. Join hands with us and success in all education endeavors will be ours. Rwanda is gonna be the next America in promoting education

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