Education for sustainable development in Rwanda.

There are  many solutions to problems of our time;But all these require a radical shift from our perceptions,our thinking and our values all together.

Sustainable living must be the new pattern for all levels: Individuals,communities, nations and the world at large.

Rwanda is not an exception in this case and i think what we are doing is part of this great trek towards development.And to adopt to these new patterns , we require a significant change in attitudes,and practices of many people; teachers, parents ,kids and other stake holders in this project meant to quicken development starting from the young generation in primary schools.

We will need to ensure that educational program mes  (activities) reflect the importance of an ethic for living sustainably more especially while teaching the teachers and kids to use the XO as a way to promote sustainable development both in the learners, parents and teachers.

Let us join hands, thoughts and together we can make a difference and peoples attitudes can be shifted to look to wards long term impacts that can sustainably lead to development.



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